Fusion Family Wealth developed an innovative business model around establishing a substantial network of accounting and legal professionals, leading to synergistic client outcomes.

As trusted advisors, we have the fiduciary and ethical mandate for doing what’s in our clients’ best interests. This shared responsibility provides a natural framework for collaborating and combining skill sets.

It’s why we’re been referred to as the “Trusted Advisor to Trusted Advisors.”

With a wealth of knowledge and insight, we can help provide creative wealth planning, portfolio management, and investment guidance that empowers partners and practitioners in accounting and law firms to consistently meet their clients’ objectives. Whether through making and receiving client referrals or assisting advisors in differentiating their practices and strengthening their client relationships, we strive to grow our mutual firms through a commitment to outstanding qualifications and service.

You work for your clients’ success. We work for yours.

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We are accountants by training ourselves, and understand how to address the issues CPAs and attorneys face when advising their clients.

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Fusion utilizes true open architecture to go beyond wire house restrictions to provide tailored solutions based on specific client needs.

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Our approach to advising clients is rooted in the highest legal, ethical, and fiduciary standard on a personal and professional level to ensure that we are aligned with your firm’s integrity and purpose.

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Fusion offers your clients the confidence of knowing that our firm structure holds us to the highest legal fiduciary standard of care—particularly relevant when it comes to serving clients who themselves are held to a fiduciary standard of care with responsibility for oversight of crucial vehicles such as trusts, 401(k) plans and guardianship accounts.

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We provide a comprehensive review of a client’s current position with regard to their investment policy and asset-allocation strategy. This review considers past investment experiences, especially where there is evidence or a history of behavioral-based missteps.

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Our relationships with legal and accounting professionals often go beyond servicing their clients. The Fusion team is also a trusted advisor to leading partners of these firms who value the features and benefits of our strategies and solutions typically experienced by their clients.

Build a financial partnership with confidence.

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