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Fusion Family Wealth is a different kind of wealth management firm.

From the outside we appear similar to the countless providers in the industry, but inside we operate with a very different ethos. What sets us apart is our adherence to an investment philosophy that seems counterintuitive to industry norms and the expectations that have been set over several decades by institutional firms. 

In a field that calls itself “wealth management,” the underlying reality is very different than the name proposes. For example, if we know that 70% of major investors lose wealth by the second generation and 90% lose it by the third, then it should be clear the industry is setting the wrong benchmarks for success or simply failing in its stated purpose. 

At Fusion, we help identify the fundamental behavior flaws behind portfolio construction and the propensity of investors to behave irrationally during market declines. 

New financial millionaires, those who have dedicated their lives to amassing wealth in the form of real estate, retirement funds, cash and other assets, are typically swarmed by well-intentioned professional advisors who promise to “preserve” their wealth by recommending a mixture of secure, risk-averse assets. Problematically, many of these assets tend to grow at a rate that is less than the combination of cost-of-living increases and what’s required to live a full, rich life with the possibility of future inheritance. 

One of the reasons we attract entrepreneurs is because of our entrepreneurial spirit and approach to managing wealth and income. Like so many of our clients, we have built a successful, innovative, and secure foundation for growth that breaks from some of the more harmful conventions of the industry. This shared entrepreneurial experience helps us provide the proper contextual framework in developing a successful investment program.

Whether institutional, professional or private, our clients come to Fusion Family Wealth by way of referral and reputation. Our decades of experience has allowed us to amass approximately $1 billion in assets under management and advisement from a select group of wealthy investors who intend to stay that way for generations. 


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