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Firm History

Fusion Family Wealth currently oversees more than $1 billion in assets under management and advisement, mainly for private individuals and families, as well as for larger 401(k) retirement plans, with a focus on professional service organizations, including accounting and law firms.

Fusion Family Wealth founder Jonathan Blau began working as an intern at Lehman Brothers in the summer of 1988. After graduating from college, Jonathan became a wealth advisor for Smith Barney. Subsequently, he was accepted into an exclusive post-graduate program at Fordham University where he obtained both an MBA in Accounting and Master of Science in Taxation. He was recruited by Arthur Andersen's Family Wealth Planning Group where he honed his extensive investment, tax, and wealth planning skills. 

At 29 years of age, Jonathan joined Alliance Bernstein (then called Sanford Bernstein) as the youngest advisor in the firm’s history. During this period, he built a broad professional network and acquired vast experience in wealth management but sought to expand his ability to diversify his clients' portfolios. Jonathan would move to found and lead private investment groups, first at Morgan Stanley in 2000, and later at UBS. 

It was during the period between 2000 and 2013 while Jonathan was managing a significant amount of money, he became concerned with the conventions of investing touted by the large financial firms. The experience of navigating through two extreme bear markets led him to further investigate the concept of behavioral investment counseling, which has become the guiding principle of Fusion Family Wealth – founded in 2013 to help investors succeed unconventionally.


“As CEO, my three decades of experience have taught me that the biggest causal factor of the inability to preserve and grow wealth is counterproductive investor behavior,” says Jonathan Blau. “We believe failure has little, if anything, to do with the ability to 'outperform' a random benchmark, the ability to successfully forecast the economy or to gain a timing advantage over the market (knowing the best time to enter, exit and reenter) or knowing which of a group of similar investments (i.e., growth funds) will do best going forward, based on past performance or anything else. We readily admit that we can’t accomplish any of the above, but in our three decades of experience, we learned that nobody else can consistently do these things either and that they are irrelevant (and even an impediment) to lasting financial security and goal attainment.”

Fusion has significantly grown over the past few years to manage and/or advise on more than $1 billion of assets .

The firm employs best-in-class back office and reporting solutions through its partnerships with its technology platform provider, LIBERTYFI/Envestnet and its custodians—two of the largest—who safeguard client assets, Fidelity and Pershing.

We invite you to learn more about our investment philosophy and scope of services for wealthy individuals and families, as well as trusted advisors seeking competent, responsive, and robust wealth management solutions.

Fusion Family Wealth’s History has led us to engage with many Strategic Allies.